Caribbean Technology Report | Q2 2016


Quarterly report on developments in the technology sector, closely following the trends in mobile penetration, broadband access, investments in infrastructure, Internet penetration, digital markets, and ICT business and policy.

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Caribbean Technology | Q2 2016


published June 2016


This report is a single-user, English-language pdf. The pdf download can be found in your confirmation e-mail after purchase.


This report offers a review of technology developments across the Caribbean, with emphasis on telecommunications, broadband, policymaking and innovation. Market-by-market, Caribbean Technology assesses the economic impact of technology and innovation in the region. An under-studied industry in the Caribbean, technology greatly impacts the ease of doing business, the ability of governments to collect data, and other key sectors such as the financial and tourism industries. Bringing important economic indicators together with qualitative analysis of these developments, the Caribbean Technology Report provides a comprehensive overview of the industry.


 What this report provides for your company:


  • Improved understanding of an increasingly important industry in the Caribbean for the development of business strategies
  • Impact of technology and innovation on the financial, telecommunications and tourism sectors, as well as the overall economic impact in each market.
  • Key risks and opportunities in the industry to better equip your company for investment in the Caribbean
  • Market-by-market assessment that provides details, such as overview & landscape, policy & regulation, service & connectivity, projects & investments and industrial highlights.
  • Overview of technology specific data 


This report includes comprehensive data in the technology sector including:


  • ICT Development Index
  • Fixed-Telephone Subscriptions per 100 Inhabitants
  • Mobile-Cellular Telephone Subscriptions per 100 Inhabitants
  • International Internet Bandwidth per Internet User (Bit/s)
  • Percentage of Households with Computer
  • Percentage of Households with Internet Access
  • Percentage of Individuals using the Internet
  • Fixed (Wired)-Broadband Subscriptions per 100 Inhabitants
  • Active Mobile-Broadband Subscriptions per 100 Inhabitants
  • Adult Literacy Rate
  • Secondary Gross Enrollment Ratio
  • Tertiary Gross Enrollment ratio
  • ICT Benchmarking 2014


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